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Your car and its appearance are precious to you, and as it should be. Your car is a visual representation of how you live and what you think, and the quality of its appearance and condition are simple, but important characteristics that you take pride in caring for. But caring for and protecting your car's aesthetic is much easier said than done, especially when you need to drive the thing at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour on a variety of road conditions. Whether it's on a gravel road in the rain, a highway road in poor condition, or even just sitting in your driveway in the hot sun, your car takes the brunt of some of the more intensive conditions out there. How can you provide it the protection it needs, while still keeping it’s personal style and aesthetic that you love?

That’s where paint protection films from a trusted sign and car wrap shop like Illustrative Ink comes in. We offer some of the best paint protection films on the market, a highly durable yet nearly invisible film that will protect the paint on your car from all types of conditions and debris, and still leave your car with the aesthetic that makes you love it so much. With an easy installation from our car wrap experts, you can get your car protected in no time. Illustrative Ink has proudly been providing a variety of large print products, banners, signs and car wraps to folks all around D'Iberville, Biloxi, Gulfport, and Ocean Springs, and we are here to give you the paint protection film your car needs. Keep reading to learn more.



XPel Paint Protection Film Certified

Illustrative Ink is a proud partner with XPEL Inc., a leader manufacturer and trailblazer in the paint protection industry, and their products offer an incredible level of paint protection for your car, without sacrificing the style and quality of your car's aesthetic. Check out the different XPEL paint protection solutions we offer at Illustrative Ink below.

Clear Bra Paint Protection

The paint protection films or “PPF” from XPEL have revolutionized the car and bodywork industry. The Clear Bra protection solution is the base level of PPF offered from XPEL and it’s efficacy is incredible. The PPF is a clear, urethane film that is applied exactly over the dimensions of your car, and absorbs much of the damage that your car can experience. From rocks that pop up on the highway, to gravel and dirt, to other car doors in the parking lot - any sort of physical impact that could potentially cause damage to your car’s paint job is absorbed by the incredible quality of layers of Clear Bra PPF technology. And all without altering or subtracting from your car's appearance in any way.



Platinum Protection Package

The Platinum Package offers full body Clear Bra coverage for the ultimate worry-free driving experience. We are able to completely protect every exterior painted surface from head to toe of your vehicle to ensure that no damage is incurred from road debris and other paint-impacting factors everyday use. This will keep rock chips completely off of your mind while enjoying the car and perfectly preserve the factory paint finish.


Ultimate Protection Package

The Ultimate Package is specifically designed to protect the areas of your car that are the most exposed to impact and damage when on the road — the hood, front bumper, backs of mirrors, and headlights. This offers sufficient protection for any daily driven or sport-driven vehicle for those who do not wish to pay for Full Body Protection installation.


Ultimate Protection Package

The Full Front Package protects the full front end of your vehicle from road debris. If your car’s new paint will see highway speeds at any time, we recommend this coverage. It also allows for a very clean installation as we can wrap all edges and do not have the line break across the hood and fenders where the Partial Coverage does. This package includes the following Paint Protection Film (PPF) coverage:

  • Bumper
  • Headlights
  • Full Hood
  • Mirrors

Standard Protection Package

This is our entry-level package. It provides adequate protection to the leading edges of the vehicle at an entry-level price point. This package includes the following Paint Protection Film (PPF) coverage:

  • Bumper
  • Partial Hood
  • Partial Fenders
  • Mirrors
  • Some additional options available.

If you’re ready to give your sports car, daily driver, or any vehicle the protection it deserves, contact our team at Illustrative Ink in  D’Iberville, Mississippi to get a free quote for your Clear Bra solutions using XPEL Paint Protection Films technology done by our expert installers.


As a proud partner with XPEL Inc. — a leading manufacturer in the paint protection industry — Illustrative Ink now proudly provides Paint Protection Film for vehicles of all types in the Biloxi, Gulfport, and the entire Gulf Coast area.

See The Paint Protection Film In Action


The Ultimate Plus paint protection for XPEL takes the effective quality and design of Clear Bra and takes it up a notch. Not only does it provide the same paint protection quality against all types of paint damage that can occur while you drive, it also offers superior resistance against stains, a self-healing ability to ensure it’s effectiveness day in and day out, and an improved optical clarity that gives your car a glossy, freshly waxed look. In addition to keeping your car's paint in near mint condition, it also highlights the paint job itself, giving your car an additional shiny finish that will catch a lot of eyes, while still offering a premium level of paint protection.

XPEL Ultimate Plus uses the technology behind the original world-renowned Ultimate Paint Protection Film and takes it up a notch. This virtually invisible urethane film protects your vehicle’s paint from unsightly damage and maximizes your resale value by using self healing, stain resistance, and superior optical clarity. This is our most popular protective film as it is suited for most traditional automotive paint styles, providing a nice layer of eye-catching gloss to your car’s existing paint job. Think of it as providing your paint with protection that doubles as a layer of fresh, shiny wax.


The XPEL Stealth is similar to the Ultimate Plus, offering a superior quality of self-healing ability and paint protection features, providing your car with the paint protection it deserves. But where Stealth is different is how it highlights and compliments your car’s aesthetic; our Stealth Clear Bra PPF is specialized for cars with satin or matte finishes. Matte and satin paint finishes on cars are notoriously difficult to maintain, and are especially difficult to repair if they experience any damage, chipping or scraping. The Stealth paint protection finish is specifically designed to highlight a matte or satin finish, and also allows you to wash your car without fear of ruining your car's luster.

XPEL Stealth is a Clear Bra solution that provides the same elite self-healing and paint protection features as the XPEL Ultimate Plus, but it is designed to preserve the satin finish and matte look of your vehicle’s paint job. Matte vehicle finishes are notorious for being difficult to maintain and even more difficult to repair. With XPEL Stealth, you not only get protection from road debris and other elements that impact your vehicle’s paint condition during your daily drive, but it also enables you to wash your car without fear of affecting the luster of your finish. Keep your matte paint job standing out for the right reasons with this Paint Protection Film specifically suited for the job. You can even apply it to your factory paint job for a simple way to add a matte, textured look to your ride without paying for an entirely new paint job!


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Getting the necessary exposure for your business and your brand is a very tough job, and a car wrap offers an affordable and highly effective method of advertising. In fact, research shows that a car wrap costs around 4 cents per 1,000 impressions. That’s an almost unheard of return-on-investment, and when you work with a reliable sign shop like Illustrative Ink, you can be assured that you are getting that level of value, with the highest-quality of design and durability. We are proud to serve areas all around Southern Mississippi, including D'Iberville, Biloxi, Gulfport, and Ocean Springs, so contact us today and see how our team can help you.

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