Any good sign shop understands the importance and versatility of a good banner. Whether you are a business owner trying to attract some more customers, an event planner trying to complete the final touches of their presentation, or are simply hosting a memorable celebration with family and friends, a well-designed banner offers a variety of benefits that you are looking for. They are sweeping and grand, catching the eye and attention of anyone who sees them. They can be customized with a graphic design that is only limited by your imagination. And they are also flexible and portable, meaning you won’t need any large machinery or services to set them up.

But even the best banner idea is only as good as the sign shop that makes it. And that’s where Illustrative Ink comes in. We have been designing and manufacturing a variety of professional-grade banners all over Mississippi for years in D'Iberville, and the surrounding areas like Biloxi, Gulfport, and Ocean Springs as well. Keep reading to learn more about the banners our sign shop can craft for you!




The most important factor of a banner is the custom design you bring to life on it, whether it’s an important message for your customers/event-goers, or a branded design that shows off your business for everyone to see. At Illustrative Ink, our goal as a sign shop is to work with you and your idea to create the most versatile and visually appealing banner we can, to help grow your business in Biloxi, or beautify your event in Gulfport, or achieve whatever goal you have your sights on in the Southern Mississippi area. We offer two types of custom banner designs that can cater to your needs, so keep reading to learn more!

custom vinyl banners

The best type of banner is one that offers a great balance between beauty and durability. Our vinyl banners offer one of the most reliable (and affordable) combinations of the two. The vinyl banner material provides a standout readability, with vivid colors and contrast, a perfect choice for showing off a vibrant photo, a bold logo, or some crisp text. And the durable vinyl material can withstand just about any type of weather that D'Iberville can throw at it, while still maintaining it’s sheen.

vinyl banner features

  • Available in 13 oz or 18 oz, up to 8 feet wide
  • Great for interior or exterior usage
  • Can be printed single sided, or double-sided
  • Each banners comes with grommets or pull pockets for easy installation
  • Additional Finish Options
    • Grommets inserts for hanging installation
    • Pocket fitting for pole inserts
    • Wind slits for reducing wind lift
    • Weighted inserts

custom mesh banners

Our mesh banners also offer a high-quality level of presentation, while also being specifically designed to withstand continuous exposure to the elements. The ventilated mesh or scrim design is a weave of rugged polyester material that allows for winds to pass through with ease, limiting the strain on the banner, and extending its durability for as long as you need it. When you install it in your location, you will never have to worry about it again until you take it down.

mesh banner features

  • Single-sided, up to 8 feet wide
  • Rugged durability against wind and other weather conditions
  • Great for outdoor usage, especially fences and outdoor stages
  • Additional Finish Options
    • Grommets inserts for hanging installation
    • Pocket fitting for pole inserts
    • Mesh option for addressing wind lift
    • Weighted inserts

Custom Banner Designs

in D'Iberville, Biloxi, Gulfport, and Ocean Springs

If you are in the market for a professional-quality banner design, our sign shop in D’Iberville has you covered. Illustrative Ink has been designing and creating customer banner designs for years now in the Southern Mississippi area, and we are here to serve you. We offer every type of sign, large format printing, and banner you could imagine, from car wraps to wall murals to yard signs. If you want to show it off, we can help. Contact Illustrative Ink in D’Iberville today, and see what we can do.

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